June 9, 2005

Bareboat Charter

Filed under: Sailing,Travel — pohodo @ 8:17 pm
I just got back from the Abacos, the “out islands” of the Bahamas. A friend and I spent a week on a 40′ sloop sailing around the islands for 6 solid days, and a couple of days just hanging out in Treasure Cay. We went down there to get our Bareboat Charter certification through the American Sailing Association. I guess this means that we’re better prepared to charter up to a 50′ yacht without a captain.It was a great trip and we learned a lot. We got a couple of SCUBA dives in, and snorkeled almost every day in a new location. We got to see a bunch of different little harbors and did a lot of sailing along the way.I’ve got some pictures and more information about everything we did, but as usual, it’ll take a bit to get them organized and online.

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