March 15, 2009

Microsoft Designer Problems

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Somewhere there’s a designer at Microsoft who thinks they’re really something special. So special that they have forced their horrible design on the world and are likely very proud of it.

I know the type… A person who truly believes that subtle little color differences are far superior and clean than more dramatic effects. The same type who think black text on a white background is a horrible choice – it must be all shades of gray, softly blending into each other. There’s no sense in making things usable; design trumps functionality always!

I work on a Mac almost all the time, but I do have a windows laptop for the occasional Excel document with lots of macros and other MS Office documents that just work better in their natural habitat. They just “upgraded” my Windows laptop and now I have Office 2007. I’ve been so incredibly frustrated ever since. I never know which window is active and am constantly clicking on background windows by accident. Yeah, I could work in full screen mode, but I don’t like to.

They give you only 3 color options out of the millions available – blue, gray or black and they’re all just different shades of the same color band. They completely ignored the Windows Theme for other windows – completely insane.

Anyway, so this is my frustration with Microsoft. Can you tell me which window is active? Yes, there are 4 windows stacked…

Microsoft Crap Design

Microsoft Crap Design

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