January 17, 2007

The New Left Lane

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Karen and I recently took a weekend trip to Tennessee – yeehaw! The destination is pretty much irrelevant, but it did provide several hours of highway driving. I’ve done a lot of highway driving over the years, and I can definitely say that the driving skills of the United States population has only gotten worse. I guess you could draw some similar conclusions with the overall education of the country as well.

At any rate, it’s quite evident that the vast majority of drivers just don’t “get it.” I don’t understand why almost nobody knows how to drive on the highway. It seems so incredibly simple to me – the left lane is for passing, and that’s it. And passing doesn’t take place on cruise control going .2 miles per hour faster than the car being “passed.” What exactly am I missing?

On this particular trip, something odd happened. I spent a couple of hours on a six lane highway – three lanes in each direction. I ended up passing almost exclusively in the far right lane, which was almost completely empty. Meanwhile, the left two lanes had bumper to bumper cars all pacing each other maybe going the speed limit. I’m not talking about passing one or two cars in the right lane, I was passing ten and twenty cars at a time in a completely clear right lane. I was looking over in disbelief as everybody was waiting for the car in front of them to go faster or move over (at least I can only assume). How did this happen? Did I miss the memo?

January 7, 2007

2006 Recap

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Karen and I used our vacation time effectively and got to go to some cool places. We went to Miami for the Strictly Sail boat show to dream about sailing away, we went to Key West with some friends for a good time, made it to Jamaica for some Sun, and for a grand finale went to Tahiti for two weeks. Tahiti was a life-long dream vacation, so it was awesome that we finally got to go, and in pretty grand style. One of these days I may even post some pitures.

We got the majority of the house renovations complete. We have a brand new room off the back of the house, a completely renovated kitchen and dining room, and a much more open floorplan after removing a couple of load-bearing walls. There are still some small things to tidy up, but it looks great.

I got engaged, with a destination wedding already in the works. Guess I better practice up on my Spanish.

I guess that’s about it, in a small nutshell :).

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