January 15, 2006


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So I’ve got to tell you that I really don’t like paying all of these taxes for school when I don’t even have any children. What burns me up even more is the fact that people who decide to have children actually get a tax BREAK for each kid they have, even though they’ll consume way more services than me. I just don’t understand how I should pay MORE than somebody with a basketball team of kids for the services that they’re consuming and I’m not.I feel very strongly that people who decide to have kids should certainly pay more since they consume more things like public education. For every kid somebody has, they should have to claim another NEGATIVE 1 on taxes and pay more housing taxes. Certainly more than somebody who is consuming very little.

Yeah, yeah… sure, I don’t necessarily mind paying a little here and there to enable people who are less fortunate to send their kids to school, but a normal family should definitely be pulling more weight than me – not getting breaks.

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