October 29, 2006

A New Chapter

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I asked Karen to marry me Friday night, and she said yes :). I’m not very good at stuff like this, but in the end it all turned out very nicely. We went to dinner at the Capitol Grill in Buckhead – the same place as our first date. I wasn’t sure when to do it exactly, and ended up proposing after the soup/salad course. In lieu of my poor planning, the waiter saw it all going down and showed up immediately with champagne for a toast and gave Karen a rose. They even took a picture of us and printed it out. I can definitely recommend the place as a good proposal spot!

I wanted it to be a total surprise, but she got a little suspicious because I asked her if she wanted to go to dinner more than 24 hours in advance, which apparently, is quite out of character. The flowers didn’t help with the suspicions, either. heh. But, as predictable as I appear, I’m still quite hard to figure out on some things, so there was ample doubt.

If I do say so myself, I think I did a good job on the ring. I’ve caught her holding her hand out, looking at it several times since :). I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to show you.

It’s definitely the end of another chapter in my life. Many chapters have come and gone. Most of them have been great, and I’ve always had a little sadness at the end of each, resisting the inevitable change. So far, all of my life chapters have each provided more rich experiences than the previous ones. This new chapter is different than the rest in many ways, but most importantly It’s one that begins with more anticipation. I’m very excited about the future and what it holds for us, not just me anymore. I’m a much better person with Karen than I could possibly be on my own. Of course, we all know I have a long way to go, but I’m looking forward to the journey.


  1. Paul, you know we go waaaaay back man. I am so happy that you have chosen to begin a new chapter in your life. I couldn’t have thought of anyone more perfect for you than Karen. You two seem to be exactly what the other needs. I also go waaaay back with Karen as well. She and I have shared out crazy relationship stories. I have never seen her smile about anyone the way she does when your name is brought up.

    Please know that you chose a gem!

    Your friend Seely

    Comment by Seely — October 30, 2006 @ 3:00 pm

  2. Paul, dear Paul….you finally did it! Great Guy!…….btw…I never knew you was so sentimental…..I almost cried reading your new chapter. Great makings for a best seller!!

    I wish you and Karen the best of everything!!

    Comment by Mary Edwards — October 31, 2006 @ 10:45 am

  3. My best wishes to you and Karen for a long and happy life together!

    Comment by Jim Kelley — November 1, 2006 @ 12:31 pm

  4. congrats bro
    wanna see the pics when yer back eh

    p.s yea never finish a chaper yea just leave a book mark with the good stuff under lined 🙂

    Comment by Destroyer aka Brent — November 17, 2006 @ 9:11 pm

  5. Congratulations!


    Comment by George W. Bush — November 17, 2006 @ 11:16 pm

  6. Hey! Many congratulations from up here in Minnesota. Pam and I are very happy for you and look forward to meeting your fiance some day.

    All the best!

    Comment by John Seals — November 20, 2006 @ 9:56 am

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